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Healdsburg Real Estate

With a population of over 11,000 people, Healdsburg has become one of the hottest markets in the North Bay over the past two decades. Healdsburg has transitioned from a rural agricultural town known for its Prunes, Orchards, Lumber and Grapes into the 1980s into a relaxing and luxurious wine country destination today. Healdsburg is now know for its fantastic wine, shops and tourism, while maintaining its small town charm.

Central Healdsburg is highlighted by the Healdsburg Plaza, located just off the 101 freeway in the southern part of town, surrounded by shops, restaurants, tasting rooms, and cafes. Hotels for the booming tourism industry are usually in or within walking distance of this area. Short term rentals properties have become popular in Healdsburg, with more tourism traffic than available rooms on many weekends in the spring, summer and fall months. Most of the available real estate within Central Healdsburg lies East of the Plaza, between Center Street and 1st Street. These relaxed, historic neighborhoods have a wide variety of sizes, layouts and styles, but are fantastic for those that enjoy walking access to shops, theaters, restaurants, weekend farmers markets and other amenities. The Northeast corner of Central Healdsburg also has easy access to Healdsburg Elementary School, Healdsburg Recreation Park and Healdsburg Gold Club at Tayman Park.

Just North of Central Healdsburg are the neighborhoods surrounding Healdsburg High School. These neighborhoods have easy access to schools, parks, Healdsburg Hospital, the 101 freeway for commutes and commercial properties within Healdsburg along Grove Street. The neighborhoods surrounding Healdsburg High School are a blend of suburban and multifamily, with different characteristics due to hilly topography East of Healdsburg Ave. East of Healdsburg High School, the small Fitch Mountain neighborhood features large hillside homes, that overlook town and the rolling hills beyond. Traveling quarter mile in this are can completely change the feel of the neighborhood and style of home.

Traveling North of Healdsburg High are a few newer neighborhoods tucked into the hills of Northern Healdsburg. Poppy Hill, Clear Ridge and Parkland Farms (Simi) are neighborhoods that take full advantage of the topography and views available in wine country. Each of these neighborhoods have a different feel, with Poppy Hills and Clear Ridge being build on the hillside, and Parkland Farms being elevated above town, but with a more suburban layout.

Cross under highway 101 from Northern Healdsburg, and you find yourself on Chiquita Road. This area is not necessarily a neighborhood, but a mix of wineries, relaxing tourist destinations and unique property opportunities.

The majority of Real Estate in Healdsburg East of Highway 101, whether on Chiquita, Dry Creek Road or Westside Road, are beautiful wine country escapes. Surrounded by wine growers, tasting rooms and open vineyards these properties are rare and unique opportunities!

With over 3 decades of experiences in Healdsburg, CA, Solano Real Estate Group is the perfect partner to assist with your Real Estate needs. Every neighborhood in Healdsburg is different, and we strive to use our vast experience to ensure you find and acquire the right home.

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